Player Ranking


Account Maintenance

  • Users understand that they must maintain their own accounts.
  • No support will be provided for problems that occur due to negligence of the account owner. Basically: If you give away your password and loose your valueable items its your fault.
  • Any attempts to trade in-game items or accounts for real currency no support will be provided.
  • Any problems that result from the sharing of an account, playing in an internet cafe or other such actions are the sole responsibility of the account owner.
  • Players who use "proxy" programs to mask their real IP Address, such as Hotspot Shield, do so at their own risk, will receive no support and will be held responsible for problems that occur from such IP Addresses.
  • Being scammed in-game is down to your own negligence and we will not support nor be responsible for such.

Game Regulations

  • The GM Team will not intervene in person conflicts between users within the game.

    • Conflicts between users within the game should be solved by the users with effort by all involved parties in an appropriate manner. The GM Team will not intervene or regulate actions resulting from these conflicts.

  • The GM Team may intervene, mediate, or regulate activities in the following situations:

    • Impersonating a GM
    • Trading in-game items or accounts for real currency
    • Use of foul language
    • Use of illegally accessed accounts
    • Racial/Religious slander
    • Respect GM.

Donations Rules

  • No refund will be given.
  • Any refund or dispute appealed will lead into account permanent ban.
  • We will not refund for any rules-breaking reason that got you banned.
  • If you donated, that doesn't mean you have the rights to break our rules.
  • Trading/Selling accounts not allowed in the server.
  • If you get scammed by anyone in-game while selling imps we wont assist you on that so be careful.

Ill-mannered Activity Rules and Regulations

Offensive Language: Use of language found to be racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, defamatory, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or harmful used in any kind of hateful matter, no matter the language will warrant a warning or account suspension.

Offensive Behavior: Repeated or excessive use of foul language or actions against another player which causes the player grief or prevention from being able to experience normal game play will result in a warning or account suspension.

Kill-Stealing: Repeated kill-stealing will not be tolerated. If found doing so, your account will be temporarily suspended.

Bug Abuse: Abuse of a bug to benefit or gain advantage beyond the intended normal game play in-game will result in a warning or account suspension. Depending on the seriousness of the abuse and exploit, the suspension may become permanent.

Scamming: Scamming users, or having the intention of scamming users, is not considered fair. Similarly, switching items which have similar icons where the tradee may not notice the switch is also scamming. Players found doing this will see that their account is permanently suspended.

Illegally Accessed Account: Accounts that are accessed illegally will result in the intruding user's accounts to be permanently suspended, and in severe cases, IP banned from the web server and game servers.

Monetary Trade: The selling / buying of in-game items, gold or accounts for real currency is not permitted. This will result in a permanent suspension of the account.

Illegal Third-Party Program Use: Use of any third party program to modify or effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent suspension of the account.

Botting: Players found botting will be sent to One of Main cities. Botting is defined as: either using an external program to automate things like sea-commerce or using the same skill (for example Howl or Magma Bullet) automatically over and over again.

READ PLEASE: we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list)