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[Events] Server plans this month

I have been inactive recently but now i will be active as possible as i can cause i am working alone and i have in real life work so here is the updates that tales of survival will be have soon !

New updates:
1-most of the unsealed items will be modified by 50% what does that mean ?

Example: BoE gives 6 str let make it plus 50% will equal to 9 str ! And so on on other items :D

2-black dragon lair now will be pk able

3-gems limit will be increased by
*broken to lv5
*cracked to lv5
*chipped to lv5
*unique gems to lv4
*other gems to lv9

4-New quest will be enabled every saturday which you can get unique gems randomly from that quest !

5-new quests will be added for deadly neck and ring (upgrade)

6-new map will be added Winter isle to enter winter isle you need to complete winter isle quest !

7-Item mall will be disabled for time till i update the items !

8-reputation shop will be updated !

9-level cap will be increased from lv100 to lv125 !

10-weekly auto event (stay online for 6 hours to win items randomly

I hope you like them and the updates might get updated by time So keep your eye on it !

Enjoy =)

by BreakThis on Saturday, January 20, 2018

[News] Server is online!

Server is online you can login now Enjoy =)

by BreakThis on Friday, December 29, 2017

[News] Server offline!

Server will be offline for some time till we fix the issue with server host !

Sorry for the inconvenience .

by BreakThis on Thursday, December 28, 2017

[News] [#7]Server Maintenance 12/3/2017

Hello pirates, server is Online

Whats on this update
1- Mini Chaos will be enabled
-required lv30+
-has 3 waves

2- New buff for magic classes!

3- Fixed DB Bug!

4-Changing the way of lots purchase

5-Removed website item mall !


Enjoy =)

by BreakThis on Sunday, December 3, 2017

[Events] Events of the month


[#1 Event]
Facebook event 11/15/2017
Facebook event is to share this post from our Tales of Survival link + to like our page

1- Like Tales of Survival page ( )

2-Share the post and tag as many as you can of ToP players ( )

3-Send private message to me in facebook or discord (Send your Shared post and your account name)

Reward: 500 imps for 4x accounts Good luck!
EVENT ends at 11/28/2017

[#2 Event]
Hide and seek event - 11/18/2017
How its work i will be hiding around argent/icicle/shaitan city and will be giving hints the one who finds me first will win random rewards .

[#3 Event]
Stall Event - 11/25/2017
Will stall random items for 1g the one who bought the item is the winner

Hope you enjoy 😃

by BreakThis on Sunday, November 19, 2017